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Basics and frogblue training in Didam

Join the frogblue training in Didam and become a professional in just 1 day (9:00 – 16:00)!


  • frogblue & the system
  • Product groups (frogs, Cubes, frogKey, frogLink)
  • Installation tips and tricks
  • Advantages of the frogblue system
  • Savings with frogblue
  • Possible applications
  • System configuration
  • Many practical exercises

Intensive training in Didam

Expand your knowledge with our intensive frogblue training course (09:00 – 16:00).


  • Advanced lighting control
  • Panic functions
  • Macros and system signals
  • Configuring FrogKey
  • Intelligent control with logical functions
  • Time and astro functions
  • Camera view and alarm functions
  • Integration possibility with frogLink
  • Expert institutions in frogblueProject

The cost for the 2-day frogblue training is €245. This includes frogblue StarterKit! (worth €342)

You will receive the invoice for the course a.s.a.p.

Note! Limited spots available!

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What is home automation?

Home automation, also known as smart home or home automation, is the use of technology to control and automate various functions in your home. Think of things like lighting, blinds, heating, air conditioning, alarm systems and entertainment systems. The purpose of home automation is to make homes more comfortable and user-friendly. Home automation systems can be controlled via various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, voice assistants or with a display on the wall.

What kind of home automation systems are there?

Popular home automation systems in 2023 will be systems via WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, or Bluetooth.

WiFi uses a star network, while Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth use a mesh network. With a mesh network, all devices are ‘repeaters’. They connect with each other and exchange commands. That way, both the network, and the reach, is extended. Below is a picture for clarification.

mesh network vs star network
Image of Mesh network vs Star network from Tweakers

However, there are some downsides to each system…


High energy consumption. One drawback of WiFi smarthomes is that it consumes a lot of energy. So this also means that battery-powered devices will not last long.

Zigbee and Z-Wave

Hub or bridge required. Devices are not equipped with a Zigbee or Z-Wave signal. That’s why you need a hub or bridge for this home automation system.


More advanced installation. The installation of Bluetooth home automation systems are often a bit more complicated than WiFi, Zigbee or Z-Wave.

The No 1: Frogblue

Frogblue is a new home automation system made in Germany. Frogblue has developed all the pluses of current systems into one solution. That means:

  • No hub or bridge needed
  • Frogblue is double secured
  • Uses the mesh network via Bluetooth
  • Highly energy-efficient


frog behind light switch

Frog – this is what the green box is called that sits invisibly in the recessed box behind the light switch. The frogs respond to light buttons, switches and window contacts. They switch, dim, measure and open doors. Via Bluetooth, they wirelessly connect ‘virtual cables’ with other frogs and exchange commands throughout the building. That’s going to be lightning fast. Messages from other frogs transmit them in encrypted form, extending their reach.

Energy efficient!

a++ energielabel

At just 0.2 watts, the frogs are exceptionally energy-saving. With the distinctive 30 frogs, this adds up to just 6 watts. In contrast, wired systems with switchgear quickly require 500 W. Even dimming saves energy, as the frogs do not even get hand-warm under full load. This extends the lifespan. Wiring that is no longer needed also does not need to be produced.

Some practical applications;

On a television night, all it takes is one click and all the lights and blinds adjust. When the house is left, a command lowers the blinds, switches off the heating and all lights, and activates the alarm system. This can be activated via display, smartphone or simply by double-clicking the light switch. Should a window or external door still be open, this will be indicated.

frogblue display

With an integrated alarm system, the frogblue display monitors the building. Wireless. Any door, window, light switch or motion detector can trigger an alarm. Filtered in time or only in certain areas. A call with a voice message signals the alarm and also reaches those places where the internet is down due to poor connectivity. Remote control and intercom are also possible by phone.

Why frogblue?

Frogblue is extremely cost-effective

We connect lights, blinds, fans, windows, doors, heating, intercoms and standard light switches wirelessly via Bluetooth®.

Our frogs are installed behind a standard light switch/socket and require only 230V. Control cables are unnecessary as connections are made virtually. Any light switch can activate any desired function; scenes and central functions can be called up from anywhere.

A single app controls the whole house, locally via Bluetooth® or globally via a smartphone. Frogblue is easy to install with no server, no control cabinet and is easy to configure.

Our main strength is the reliability and security of a mature system that can be adapted to user requirements even years later. Produced in Germany.

What’s in the frogblue system?

Frogblue offers:

  • Your one-stop shop for all building control; controlled with one app
  • Saves energy costs thanks to innovative heating control system with many functions
  • All data stays in-house; functions without cloud subscription or IT infrastructure
  • Time- and weather-dependent shading with central and zone functions
  • Control of all lighting sources; including variable dimming curves; compatible with DALI 2
  • Building-wide LED control and colour synchronisation in all rooms
  • Time- or twilight-controlled lighting with central and logical functions
  • Humidity and time-based ventilation control
  • Alarm system included; notifications on a smartphone when opening windows and doors or pressing light switches
  • Notifications are communicated via message, e-mail or phone call (Push Notifications)
  • All functions can be controlled from anywhere in the world via a smartphone – with cloud service activated
  • Individual VDE certification guarantees reliability and product safety
  • High reliability, no central point of failure, parallel transmission via Bluetooth® and WLAN mesh
  • In the event of a power failure, the system restores to the pre-fault state in less than a second
  • Licence-free configuration and operating software, including free updates

Some benefits…

Our big advantage is,

that only the locations of switches and lights should be defined at the beginning of the project. Switching functions, changeover circuits and central commands can be easily configured later via the App. Any techie can do this themselves – and all without laying a cable.

A central off or panic function,

can also be configured on any light switch. We control every light and are the specialists in dimming LED lighting. The dimming curve can be adjusted so that all lamps dim evenly.

Blinds and shutters,

can be placed individually or in groups across the façade at any height and any slat position, with various integrated wind and daylight sensors.

Our innovative heating control system,

ensures the right temperature in every room, be it underfloor heating, radiators or electric heating. Day and time programmes optimise energy consumption per room. Innovative features such as ‘Warmfeet’ increase comfort while saving energy.

Our video door entry system is the world standard,

the IP telephony and the integrated 8-megapixel hemispheric camera with a panoramic view of the entire entrance from wall to wall. Doorbell calls with multi-party support can be answered from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or standard SIP phone.

Frogblue is extremely failsafe,

because control messages always use all Frogblue modules, inside and outside sockets, for transmission (mesh) and thus always find the best and fastest way to the destination.

Concrete with our Bluetooth® is never too thick

If all sockets are equipped with our frogs, each message always reaches its desired destination in the building via all possible paths thanks to Bluetooth® mesh; larger areas are bridged via WLAN.

The frogblue Bluetooth® mesh is very safe,

and secured against unauthorised access because all control commands are specially encrypted and timestamped, valid only once.

The energy consumption of frogblue,

is significantly lower than for wired switchboard systems. Our frogs have unrivalled energy efficiency, consuming only about 0.2 W per hour.

Future-proof thanks to world standards

We use Bluetooth® with optimised mesh and MQTT for communication, exactly as required by the new SmartHome Matter® standard.

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