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Cord dimmers

What is a cord dimmer?

A cord dimmer is an electronic device used to adjust the brightness of a lamp. It is usually used with floor lamps, table lamps or other lamps connected to a socket using a cord. A cord dimmer allows you to control the light intensity of the lamp by turning or sliding a knob or switch on the cord dimmer.

Cord dimmers are convenient because a cord dimmer allows you to adjust the lighting according to your preferences or the needs of a particular situation. You can dim the light to create a soft and cosy atmosphere, or make it brighter for functional lighting. Using a cord dimmer can also help you save energy by reducing the light intensity when less lighting is needed.


Why should I buy a cord dimmer?

Cord dimmers are incredibly flexible and easy to use! A few reasons why you should buy a cord dimmer are:

  1. Easy installation: A cord dimmer is a plug-and-play device that you can easily connect between the socket and the lamp. No wiring or wall installation is required, making it a convenient option if you don’t want to make permanent changes to your electrical system.
  2. Transportability: The fact that a cord dimmer is a plug-in device makes it easily transportable. You can easily connect it to different lamps or even take it with you to different rooms, depending on where you need the dimming function.
  3. Cost-saving: Compared to installing a recessed dimmer, cord dimmers are often more cost-effective. They are an affordable option if you want the ability to adjust the brightness of your lights without incurring much expense.
  4. Versatility: cord dimmers can be used with different types of lamps, such as table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps and other lamps with a cord that plugs into a socket. This allows you to add the dimming function to existing lamps without having to buy new dimmable luminaires.


How do I use a cord dimmer?

Tradim’s cord dimmers have a simple push button. Hold the button down long to dim, and click briefly to switch off the lamp!

At Tradim, we also have the ‘more classic’ cord dimmer. It works with a thumbwheel. You move the thumbwheel up to increase the brightness of the lamp and move the thumbwheel down to decrease the brightness.

Finally, we also have a Smart Wifi cord dimmer, available in black and white. This can be controlled via a push button, app via wifi or voice-controlled like Alexa or Google Home.


What types of lamps can I use a cord dimmer for?

Tradim has a wide range of dimmers that work with LED lamps, filament lamps, halogen lamps or incandescent lamps. Something for every lamp! Always check carefully whether the lamps you want to connect to the cord dimmer are dimmable. There is an icon on the packaging of the lamp that indicates whether it is dimmable. Not sure? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Corded or cordless dimmers?

It may sound strange, but most Tradim cord dimmers come without a cord. You use your luminaire’s existing cable to install the cord dimmer. However, for a slightly simpler installation, we also have dimmers with a cord. Still having trouble with the installation? Feel free to call us.


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