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Floor dimmers

What is a floor dimmer?

A floor dimmer is a device used to adjust the brightness of lighting, similar to a wall dimmer. The difference is that a floor dimmer is designed to be placed on the floor and is operated using a foot pedal or dial, rather than a wall-mounted switch.

A floor dimmer is often used in situations where it is more convenient to control lighting from the floor. This may be the case, for example, in living rooms, offices or theatres, where it is not always convenient to reach for a wall to adjust lighting brightness. With a floor dimmer, users can comfortably control lighting while remaining at the same height.


How do I install a floor dimmer?

Installing a floor dimmer is very simple. It may seem complicated, but the installation process is easy to do!

When installing a floor dimmer without an included cord, it is possible to use the lamp’s existing cable. Cut the cable into two pieces, then strip a small piece of the cable. About one centimetre is sufficient.

Use a screwdriver to open the floor dimmer and reconnect the cable, with the floor dimmer in the middle. Then close the floor dimmer again!


Floor dimmers with or without cord?

At Tradim, we also offer floor dimmers with cord. These floor dimmers with cable are slightly easier to install than floor dimmers without cable. You simply connect the plug of the floor dimmer with cord to a nearby socket. Then you connect your lamp to the floor dimmer and you’re done!

If you have any doubts about the installation of your floor dimmer, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Buy floor dimmers at Tradim

At Tradim, there is a wide range of floor dimmers available for the business market. Floor dimmers that can operate one lamp? Or two? Floor dimmers with or without cord? Smart floor dimmers, or regular dimmers after all. Numerous wattage options, so that every lamp fits! Ordering floor dimmers for private use? Then click here!


Three models 230V LED floor dimmers, also with wifi!

To anticipate the increased interest in smart products, Tradim has expanded its range with a round smart floor dimmer. Controllable via push button, app via wifi and voice-controlled (Alexa and Google home). We also supply the round (filament) LED floor dimmer 2-100W/VA. The dimmer has a soft touch on/off button that also allows dimming. Available in 2 versions: without connecting leads or with connecting leads with Euro and contra plug. Available in white, black and transparent. The best-tested and widely known LED floor dimmer 1-60W/VA with on/off switch and dimmer slide naturally remains in our range. Suitable for 1 LED light source. Colours: white, black, transparent and gold.


Innovative: the 12V LED floor dimmer

Tradim brings the first 12V led floor dimmer with integrated driver onto the market! These 61107x and 61108x series floor dimmer are suitable for 12V led, such as G4, MR11 and GU5.3 bulbs.

The output is from 1 to 25 W/VA. The dimmer works according to the principle of PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation). This is a modulation technique in which pulses are emitted at a fixed frequency whose width is varied. The advantages of the PWM dimming technique are: smooth dimming possibilities, more accurate output levels and better colour consistency between the various levels. Thanks to this modulation technique, this dimmer is very suitable for dimming LED.


Conventional floor dimmers 220-240V and 12V

Conventional floor dimmers are available with and without a built-in transformer.

  • 12V suitable for low-volt halogen: 20-60W and 35-150W with built-in transformer.
  • 220-240V suitable for incandescent and high-volt halogen 40-500W. Two versions are available for operating 1 or 2 light sources.

Depending on the type, the dimmers are available in 4 colours: white, black, transparent and gold.