LED foot dimmer 1-100W/VA - white - 631041

LED foot dimmer 1-100W/VA - white - 631041

Tradims newest foot dimmer! To ensure the unity of our assortment, we have adapted model 63103x series to this new design. This foot dimmer is operated by means of a slide for on/off and dimming function. The dimmer has a set screw for setting the minimum dimming position and an indication LED shows if the dimmer is on.

This foot dimmer 1-100W/VA is suitable for dimming the following light sources:
– Dimmable LED lamps (230V, max. 70W).
– Low voltage LED lamps combined with dimmable led drivers (max. 80W).
– Incandescent and halogen lamps (230V, max. 100W).
– 12V halogen lamps in combination with dimmable electronic transformers (max. 80W).

The dimmer is available in transparent, white and black.

Product specifications

Article number: 631041
SKU: 8718801938744
EAN: 8718801938744
Input voltage: 220 – 240 Volt AC


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