Plug-in dimmers

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Plug-in dimmers

What is a plug-in dimmer and how does a plug-in dimmer work?

A plug-in dimmer is a device used to adjust the brightness of lighting by reducing the amount of electric current sent to the bulb. It is a convenient solution if you want to control the brightness of your lighting without installing a fixed dimmer switch.

The operation of a plug-in dimmer is very simple. The device consists of a plug that plugs into a socket, with a socket at the other end into which you can plug the lamp. The plug-in dimmer usually has a rotary knob, slider or push button with which you can adjust the brightness of the lamp. At Tradim, we use a convenient rotary knob or a push button.

When you switch on the plug-in dimmer, electric current is sent from the socket to the lamp. By adjusting the rotary knob, you can change the resistance in the plug dimmer. This reduces or increases the amount of electric current going to the lamp, adjusting the brightness of the lamp!

It is important to check that the plug-in dimmer is suitable for the type of lamp you want to dim. Not all lamps can be dimmed and some require specific dimmers. We always recommend looking carefully at the packaging of both the dimmer and the lamp to see whether they work together.


Are there Smart plug dimmers?

Yes, a Smart plug-in dimmer is a bit more advanced than a normal plug-in dimmer. Tradim’s Smart plug-in dimmer uses Wifi.

It works the same way as a traditional plug-in dimmer by adjusting the amount of current sent to the lamp. The difference is in the added capabilities for wireless control and integration with other smart devices and automation scenarios.

With a smart plug-in dimmer, you can control the brightness of the lights remotely via an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can dim, switch off or switch on the lights without physically being at the dimmer. Moreover, smart plug-in dimmers often offer additional features such as timetables, scenes and integration with other smart devices.


Is a plug-in dimmer easy to install?

A plug-in dimmer has perhaps the easiest installation of any dimmer on the market. It requires absolutely no technical knowledge. Nor is there any complex wiring.

You plug the plug-in dimmer into the socket, then connect the lamp to the socket on the other side of the plug dimmer. Make sure the lamp is securely attached and that the connection is solid. That’s it! You can now dim your lamps.


Buy plug-in dimmers at Tradim

At Tradim, we have two types of plug-in dimmers. The 6601 and the 6701. The 6601 is a regular plug-in dimmer and the 6701 is its smarter brother. This one is Smart and works on Wifi!

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