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My lights flash and malfunction when I dim, now what?
Blinking bulbs are very annoying, and it can have several causes. For example, causes such as incompatibility of the dimmer-lamp combination, over- or underloading or a broken dimmer.

What is also very common is that LED lamps do not hold a real load. This means that the dimmer can get confused when the lamp does not demand power! Very annoying, but at Tradim we have developed the perfect solution to this flashing problem.


What is a dimmer stabiliser and how does a dimmer stabiliser work?
Specifically, the dimming stabiliser! The dimming stabiliser switches on when the LED lamp does not consume/power. This gives the dimmer the continuous load it needs to keep working properly.

The LEDFIX001 LED dimming stabiliser is extremely economical. It only switches on when needed.

So: when the lamp does not demand power, the LED dimming stabiliser switches on!

Our dimming stabiliser also ensures that the lamps do not stay on when the dimmer is off.


How to install a dimming stabiliser
Installing a dimming stabiliser is fairly straightforward. Here, in a few short steps, are the instructions for installing the LED dimming stabiliser. First, switch off the power!

Place the dimming stabiliser in a nice spot, as close as possible to the lamp and in parallel across the lamp.

You get the best results with R,C wall dimmers. Our website lists suitable wall dimmers for this installation.

Consult the instructions that come with the LEDFIX001 for more information. Still can’t figure it out? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Buy dimming stabiliser at Tradim
At Tradim, we started with the LEDDS6001 LED dimming stabiliser. However, it has been discontinued and we have introduced a new model. This new model is the LEDFIX001. The LEDFIX001 fixes flashing, interfering LED lights better than its predecessor. It is also more economical!

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