Led dimming stabilizer for 230V - LEDFIX001

Led dimming stabilizer for 230V - LEDFIX001

Stable light, lights go out
The LEDFIX001 is our new, more advanced dimming stabilizer. Not only does it fix problems better than other dimming stabilizers, it is also more economical. The LEDFIX001 is active only when needed. LED lamps are not real loads, which means they do not consume the entire sine wave current. LED dimmers can sometimes get confused when the lamp does not require power. This can manifest itself in unstable light. The dimmer stabilizer switches on at the moment that LED lamps no longer consume power, so that the dimmer still continuously detects a load and can continue to do its work properly. Also, the LEDFIX001 will ensure that lamps cannot remain lit when the dimmer is in the off position.


Difference with other stabilizers
There are stabilizers on the market that generate a current spike around the 0-pass. This prevents confusion at the dimmer by making it clear where the sine starts again. This results in current spikes on the grid and through the dimmer causing the dimmer to age rapidly. Other stabilizers work by adding a real load. This ensures that there is no confusion in the dimmer because it is loaded with a real load. The non-real part of the LED lamp comes on top of this. Because this load is continuously on, this results in energy loss where you don’t want it and heat development in the installation box.


→ The LEDFIX001 is only 18 5mm x 18 5mm x 13 5mm, making it easy to mount in an installation box.
→ Standby consumption: less than 0.7W at 230VAC.
→ For business customers, OEM is possible with printing of own logo.


Product specifications

Article number: LEDFIX001
SKU: 8718801938614
EAN: 8718801938614
Warranty: 2 Years

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