Frogblue Applications – Bluetooth Domotica 2023

Frogblue offers smart home solutions based on its own frogblue Bluetooth® mesh network, which are 100% developed and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards.

The frogblue system consists of boxes (frogs) placed behind a switch in the flush-mounted box. With it, all devices such as lighting, climate control, security, blinds, curtains and access can be controlled wirelessly in a home or buildings.

Frogblue is suitable for use in existing and new buildings, from individual flats to office buildings.

In short, with no to minimal cabling and energy consumption, frogblue offers a complete wireless management system for homes and businesses. A single app controls the entire building worldwide via the FrogCloud.

What can you use frogblue for? Below you can read about some frogblue applications!

frogblue lighting
Frogblue is compatible with common light switches/buttons and lights from all manufacturers. Read more about lighting on the frogblue website!
frogblue blinds
Sun protection
Control your blinds throughout the building from any point and set individual blinds of each room to their individual position. Read more about sun protection on the frogblue website!

frogblue heating cooling ventilation
Heating, cooling, ventilation
Be it underfloor heating, classic or electric radiators. With frogblue, you easily heat or cool entire buildings, rooms or floors to the perfect temperature. Read more about heating on frogblue’s website!
frogblue alarm system
Alarm system
Besides its function as a touchscreen user interface for the smart home, frogDisplay can also be used as an alarm system. Read more about alarm installation on frogblue’s website!
frogblue operation
The frogblue system can be controlled in several ways. Read more about ministry on frogblue’s website!
frogblue on the way
On the road
With the frogControl app and the frogDisplay, the smart home can also be viewed and controlled quickly and easily on the move. Cloudless and 100% secure! Read more on the frogblue website!
frogblue flexible house
Flexible home
With frogblue’s solution, you don’t have to decide which switch/button should switch which lighting as early as the shell or in the middle of renovation. Read more on the frogblue website!
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