Pulse dimmer 150W LED

Pulse dimmer 150W LED

NEW! Available as of December 2022.

A pulse dimmer is not equipped with a conventional dimmer shaft but with a click system. The dimmer is installed behind a pulse switch and can be controlled by this click system. The way the switch is pressed determines whether the lights are turned on or off, or dimmed.

By means of these pulse switches, the dimmer can be controlled from different locations. This dimmer can be controlled with up to 15 pulse switches! The dimming speed (how quickly the dimmer goes from minimum to maximum dimming) is easy to set as well as the minimum and maximum dimming position by means of the adjusting screw. In addition, the dimmer has an option to remember the last dimming setting even if there has been a power interruption.

The LED pulse dimmer 3-200W/VA. 150W LED is suitable for dimming (filament) led, halogen and incandescent lamps. It is a phase cut dimmer R,C. This dimmer has a soft start for a favorable impact on the life of the applied LED lamps.

Product specifications
Article number: 5001PD
SKU: 8718801938751
EAN: 8718801938751
Warranty: 2 years

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