LD40CV12D LED Driver | 40W

LD40CV12D LED Driver | 40W

The first round, dimmable LED driver with hole

Finally, development is complete! We have the solution for replacing round halogen transformers. Ideal for people who want to replace their light fittings with energy-hungry halogen lamps with an energy-saving solution. Our retrofit solution allows
one retains its beautiful design product and requires only a replacement of the 12V halogen bulbs, the halogen transformer and the conventional wall dimmer. Save big on energy bills and switch to LED!

LED LED lights
– 12 Volt: maximum 40 Watt


Characteristics of this LED driver

This dimmable LED driver (input 230V AC/50 Hz, 1-40W, 12V LED) is ideal for dimming G4/GU4, GU5.3/MR16, MR11 and 12VDC LED strips.

The LED driver has the same dimensions as the well-known Tradim halogen transformer ET 50150 R: 105 x 32 mm.

Hole diameter: 10 mm.

The driver is dimmable with phase-cut (R,C) LED dimmers. Constant Voltage (CV) output 12V. Active Power factor (Pf) correction. Protected against short circuits and overloading.


Multi-power driver

Determine the total power (wattage, W) of lighting connected to the driver.
Depending on the number and total power of the 12V dimmable LED lamps to be connected, the required
maximum wattage are set to:

  • 5W
  • 10W
  • 20W
  • 30W
  • 40W

CAUTION: make sure that the set wattage is ALWAYS higher than the power of the connected lighting! For example: 6 x 4W lamps = 24W. Then set the dipswitch to 30W.


Product specifications

Artikelnummer: LD40CV12D

SKU: 8718801938942

EAN: 8718801938942

Warranty: 2 years



We offer a 2-year warranty.

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