48W triac dimmable LED driver 48W, 12V CV - LD48CV12

48W triac dimmable LED driver 48W, 12V CV - LD48CV12

This Tradim constant voltage LED driver is suitable for driving 12V LED lights and is available in the following wattages: 24, 48 and 60  W/VA. The size of the driver depends on the wattage. This type of driver is triac dimmable with R,C dimmers.

This type of LED driver can be used for replacing 12V halogen by LED where an (electronic) transformer is replaced by a LED driver.

All models are extensively tested and meet the applicable safety and EMC requirements (CE).

24W/VA – size: 100x38x25mm. Voltage: 12V.
48W/VA- dimension of: 140x47x30mm. Voltage: 12V.
60W/VA- dimension of: 170x50x30mm. Voltage: 12V.


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