Wifi cord dimmer 5-100W/VA - black - 6502W

Wifi cord dimmer 5-100W/VA - black - 6502W

WiFi cord dimmer. 5-100 watt incandescent and halogen lamps, 50 watt LED. Operable via push button, with an app via WiFi and voice controlled (Alexa, Google home). Phase cut dimmer R,C. Works with Tuya Smartlife app. Dimension: 96.7*30.4*39.4mm.
Available in white and black.

WiFi is the most common type of network protocol in the home and public places. WiFi uses one central access point that allows you to easily add or remove devices without affecting the rest of the network. The bandwidth of WiFi is high – up to 2 MHz, making it perfect for common daily activities.


Product specifications

Item number: 6502W
SKU: 8718801938416
EAN: 8718801938416
Power: 5-100 W/VA, LED 5-50W.
Voltage: 230V.
Dimensions: 96.7 * 30.4 * 39.4 mm.
Warranty: 2 years
Suitable for incandescent , halogen and LED lamps.


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