Led 12V foot dimmer 1-25 W/VA - black - 611082

Led 12V foot dimmer 1-25 W/VA - black - 611082

This is the new design of our 12V LED floor dimmer.

The dimmer operates with the principle of PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation), this is a modulation technique in which pulses are emitted in a fixed frequency whose width is varied.

The advantages of the PWM dimming technique are:

  • Smooth dimming possibilities;
  • More accurate output levels;
  • Better color consistency between the various levels.

Thanks to this modulation technique, this dimmer is very suitable for dimming LED.

By means of the slide switch, the lamp can be dimmed. In addition, the lamp can be 100% switched off when the slide is at the minimum dimming position (By means of a built-in switch). Inside there is an adjusting potentiometer with which the minimum dimming position can be set. The dimmer has a soft start for a favorable impact on the life of the applied LED lamps. Dim range in the low to 0.1%. Standby consumption of only 0.3 watts.

Ideally suited for: G4, MR11 and led strips.

Product specifications

Article number: 611082
SKU: 8718801938669
EAN: 8718801938669
Input voltage: 220 – 240 volts AC
Output voltage: 12V
Power: 1 – 25 W/VA
Number of inputs: 1
Number of outputs: 1
Dimensions: 115 x 61 x 34 mm
Warranty: 2 years


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