Zigbee wall dimmer 5-200W/VA

Zigbee wall dimmer 5-200W/VA

The 2501ZB is a smart Zigbee wall dimmer for (filament), LED, halogen and incandescent lamps. Suitable for 5-200W/VA, 5 – 150W LED. Phase cut dimmer R,C. Minimum and maximum dimming level adjustable. The dimmer has a soft start for a favorable impact on the life of the applied LED lamps. No neutral required for connecting the dimmer.

Zigbee is a wireless technology designed to carry small amounts of data over short distances. Zigbee was created for small, low-cost and energy-efficient IoT systems, such as those used in the average home. Zigbee is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 technical standard, which defines the operation of low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPANs).

Please note that a hub is required for this dimmer.

The dimmer is universally applicable in the common switch material brands, such as, PEHA, Berker, Busch Jaeger, Gira, Jung, Schneider.

Product specifications

Item number: 2501ZB
SKU: 8718801938348
EAN: 8718801938348
Voltage: 220 – 240 V
Power consumption: 200 watts
Dimensions: 85 mm. * 85 mm. * 45 mm.
Warranty: 2 years
Suitable for: LED, Energy saving lamp, Halogen, Incandescent lamp.


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