Glass touch dimmer white Bluetooth 5-200W/VA - 25021B

Glass touch dimmer white Bluetooth 5-200W/VA - 25021B

This model (25021B) has a white glass touch plate and a bluetooth dimmer behind it.

The glass touch plate comes in black(25022B) and white(25021B) and can operate a bluetooth (2500B) or Zigbee (2501ZB) dimmer. This dimmer requires stand-alone installation. The glass touch plate is not available on its own, it is only available as a set.

Bluetooth Mesh is a computer networking standard based on Bluetooth Low Energy, a wireless personal area network technology designed to provide low-cost, low power consumption. In a Bluetooth-mesh network, every message sent by one device is relayed to all other devices in range with which messages can be forwarded and transmitted. Bluetooth mesh is ideal for industrial IoT use cases, especially lighting, that require the relatively low-cost and low-energy measurability, reliability and performance of Bluetooth technology.

Please note that starting at Bluetooth version 4.2 the communication is stable.


Product specifications

Item number: 25021B
SKU: 8718801938362
EAN: 8718801938362
Warranty: 2 Years
Suitable for: LED, Energy saving lamp, Halogen, Incandescent lamp


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